Wire-Wrapped Russian Artist Hand-Painted Poppy Flowers Pendant

$ 46.50

Our exquisitely Russian hand-painted miniature bead wire-wrapped into a beautiful pendant with non-tarnish gold-plated wire. Pendant only, chain not included.

Focal bead size: Approximately 30x40mm
Bead material: Agate

We can make this wire-wrapped pendant with 4 different poppy flower minuature beads:

A. Red poppy flowers as shown in the main image

B. Pink poppy flowers

C. Sunset and poppy flowers

D. Three poppy flowers

Please put a note in your order or email us if you want to use B, C, or D to make this pendant.  If your order does not specify a particular bead, then we will use A to make the pendant.

The focal bead is painted on one side only. Please note that these beads are hand-painted so very slight variations in painting are to be expected. Our devoted professional artists use tiny paint brushes made with squirrel tail hair to paint. After painting, the surface is coated with three layers of lacquer to seal the image. We recommend to clean metal components of the jewelry with a special cleaning fabric cloth instead of using liquid solvent.

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